Earthquake Pakistan Mental Health Outreach Project

On October 8. 2005, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6 on the moment monitor scale struck the northeastern region of Pakistan. Wikipedia reported that entire villages and roads were buried by landslides in the North-West Frontier Province and Pakistan-administered Kashmir. The destruction of the earthquake was even felt in India and Afghanistan. Because of this horrific occurrence 80,000 lives were taken in Northern Pakistan alone and still more bodies are being discovered. According to Action by Churches Together (ACT), an estimated 2.8 million will be homeless and will suffer even more as the winter quickly approaches.

In response, the Association for Trauma Outreach and Prevention, spearheaded by Dr. Ani Kalayjian, is preparing to implement its Mental Health Outreach Project (MHOP) in Northern Pakistan. The MHOP will conduct an assessment of the surviving community and facilitate educational and processing groups. This group will also train mental health professionals in these communities. Read our Press Release

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The MHOP is currently in need of mental health professionals to volunteer as well as financial support. We understand that you may have already given to other disaster relief efforts, but the surviving community needs your support. The first team will be traveling to Pakistan at the end of January.

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For those who wish to support the project financially kindly make your checks to “Association for Trauma Outreach and Prevention” and send it to 139 Cedar Street, Cliffside Park, NJ 07010-1003.

Please help us help the surviving community.  Remember when one helps another BOTH are strengthened. For information contact Dr. Kalayjian at 201 941-2266, or E-mail:

Good intentions are no longer enough. I wanted to support humanity in my own way. Meaningful World was a natural way for me to help the victims of tsunami.

So many systems have failed us and as we transition from failed models, attitudes and behaviors that are polarizing, destructive and failing all around us I could not just sit back, be overwhelmed and do nothing… I am doing something with Meaningful World.

Meaningful World cultivates well-being, relatedness, a deep awareness and understanding how to elevate some of the world's suffering. Our choices impact all living systems and I choose to be an agent of good.