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Invite Dr. Ani Kalayjian to speak in your area!

Meaningfulworld Founder Dr. Ani Kalayjian speaks at conferences, universities, community centers, and places of worship across the country as well as internationally.

Here are the three ways to contact us:
To know more about training and internship , e-mail to
To contact Dr. Ani Kalayjian, founder of ATOP/meaningful world, email to

If you would like to invite Dr. Kalayjian to speak and can arrange for an honorarium and cover travel expenses, please contact at +1.201-941-2266 or email to

Send E-mail To Us If:

  • You would like to volunteer in our ongoing Mental Health Outreach Program;
  • You would like to collaborate on any research or projects;
  • Have an opinion or story you would like to share;
  • Want one of Dr. Kalayjian’s articles or a copy of her book.

NJ Office
135 Cedar Street
Cliffside Park, NJ 07010 USA
Phone: +1.201.941.2266

NY Office
185 East 85th Street, Mezzanine #4
New York, NY 10028 USA
Phone: +1.201.723.9578

Basak Yanar, Ph.D.
Chairperson, Canada
Association for Trauma Outreach & Prevention
Address: 145 Glenholme Avenue, Toronto ON M6E 3C5
Phone: 647-230-7209

Democratic Republic of Congo
ATOP Meaningfulworld in Democratic Republic of Congo
Pastor Samuel Muderhwa
PCR/ Bukavu
PO Box 37 via Cyangugu Rwanda
South-Kivu/ Bukavu City
Phone: +243993463279

Pakistan chapter
Muhammed Hassan
Marine Arcade
Apartment No.B/3
1/A, Block-3
Clifton, code 75600
Karachi, Pakistan

Good intentions are no longer enough. I wanted to support humanity in my own way. Meaningful World was a natural way for me to help the victims of tsunami.

So many systems have failed us and as we transition from failed models, attitudes and behaviors that are polarizing, destructive and failing all around us I could not just sit back, be overwhelmed and do nothing… I am doing something with Meaningful World.

Meaningful World cultivates well-being, relatedness, a deep awareness and understanding how to elevate some of the world's suffering. Our choices impact all living systems and I choose to be an agent of good.