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The Armenian American Society for Studies on Stress & Genocide (AASSSG) was founded in 1988 by Dr. Ani Kalayjian to advance national and international understanding of the generational and intergenerational effects of traumatic experiences, such as genocide, earthquake, and war. In 1995, 80 years after the Ottoman Turkish Genocide of the Armenians (1915-1923), AASSSG established an annual essay contest as part of its commemorative activities.

This year, the First Prize for the entries from male high school students went to Jacub Pawlowski who aspires to become a stockbroker, and from the female high school students to Jennifer Tang who aims to be a psychologist. Since a marked increase in the number of essays which cited intergenerational effects of genocide was noted by the judges, a special additional award was given to Aleksandra Polonetskaya for Honorable Mention in that regard.

The winning entry from college students went to Yetvart Edward Majian, an undergraduate student at St. Peter’s College in New Jersey. Upon receiving their individual awards, each student read the concluding paragraphs of their essays to the audience.  Read a summary of Mr. Majian’s essay here.


To initiate and implement research projects, which pertain to its goals;
To inform governmental, educational and social institutions through participation in scientific programs and publications;
To provide scholarly activities both in the United States and abroad;
To provide consultation to individuals and community groups;
To disseminate information related to its goals; and
To foster cooperation among allied groups.


Dr. Harold Takooshian
Dr. Haigaz Gergerian
Dr. Peter Balakian
Dr. Diane Kupelian
Dr. Ervin Staub


$25 US Annually.
Kindly send a check made out to AASSSG and mail to:
Dr. Ani Kalayjian
185 East 85th Street, Mezz # 4
New York, NY 10028

Benefits of Membership:

Professional/personal contacts
Regional meetings
Dissertation advisement
Support groups
Discount admission to annual conference
Research advisement and opportunities
Clinical referrals

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