Working hard to bring a Meaningful World

Dr. Ani Kalayjian tells her views on the Turkish and Armenian conflict. Profiled in a special interview on in February 2006, the interview can be read here.

Climate Change and Emotions

On August 23, 2005, Dr. Kalayjian spoke on Radio WTOP (based in Washington, DC). She discussed the impact of the climate change on one’s emotions and psyche.

The psychosocial and spiritual impact of the tsunami

On May 1st, 2005, Dr. Kalayjian and the first team of the Mental Health Outreach Project were invited for a special one-hour roundtable on Arlington, Virginia’s Channel 69 to talk about their findings, about the psychosocial and spiritual impact of the tsunami.

Psychosocial impact of the tsunami

On April 15, 2005, Dr. Ani Kalayjian gave her expertise on the Psychosocial Impact of the Tsunami, on radio WBAI (99.5 FM) located in New York. Dr. Kalayjian’s interview aired on WBAI, a peace and justice community radio station.

The Armenian Genocide

On April 23, 2005, Dr. Ani Kalayjian was invited to join a roundtable on the Genocide of the Armenians, with Prof. Peter Balakian, on Fox Five’s Street Talk.

Good intentions are no longer enough. I wanted to support humanity in my own way. Meaningful World was a natural way for me to help the victims of tsunami.

So many systems have failed us and as we transition from failed models, attitudes and behaviors that are polarizing, destructive and failing all around us I could not just sit back, be overwhelmed and do nothing… I am doing something with Meaningful World.

Meaningful World cultivates well-being, relatedness, a deep awareness and understanding how to elevate some of the world's suffering. Our choices impact all living systems and I choose to be an agent of good.