April: A Month for Genocide Remembrance & Prevention

Designate the month of April as Genocide Remembrance and Prevention Month Commemorating Centennial of Ottoman Turkish Genocide of Armenians and Other Christian minorities Dear Friends and Members of the Global Community, We have started the petition “Barack Obama, United States Congress, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, UN General Assembly: Designate month of April as Genocide Awareness… Continue reading >>

University of Missouri-Columbia International Center for Psychosocial Trauma 2014 Humanitarian Award to Dr. Anie Kalayjian

  On Nov 8, 2014, The Advisory Board of the University of Missouri International Center for Psychosocial Trauma (UMICPT) awarded the 2014 Humanitarian Award to Dr. Ani Kalayjian. This award is given annually to an individual who has made significant contributions throughout his/her professional career to promote the mental health of children and their families.… Continue reading >>

Press Release Dr. Kalayjian on ABC and BronxNet

      OnWednesday, December 19th, 2012, Dr. Ani Kalayjian, founder and president of the Association for Trauma Outreach and Prevention/ Meaningfulworld, will appear on an edition of Open, hosted by Daren Jaime. Dr. Kalayjian will discuss the trauma of the school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut that occurred the prior Friday, as well as her… Continue reading >>

ATOP Meaningfulworld Humanitarian Outreach Certificate Project to Romania

ATOP Meaningfulworld Humanitarian Outreach Certificate Project to Romania: Ancestral Healing and Meaning-Making Utilizing the Biopsychosocial and Eco-Spiritual Model Training Pre-press release, Sept 2011 Written by Georgiana Sofletea While Romania has a long history of oppressive rule by unjust empires, the massive traumatic impact felt by the people currently living in Romania began in the 20th century.… Continue reading >>

MSN Health & Fitness

Does Weather Really Affect Our Mood? How to protect your brain from the winter blahs By Rich Maloof for MSN Health & Fitness January 22, 2009 Ask a child to draw two pictures—one on a rainy day and a second in the sunshine—and you pretty much know what to expect. In the first, as blue… Continue reading >>

ABC News Story

Dr. Kalayjian was interviewed on ABCnews.go.com regarding the recent financial disaster impacting us all directly or indirectly.  The article is entitled: Facing Loss in Financial or Natural Disasters. Here is a link to the story: ABC News Story.

Making up is hard to do

Dr. Ani Kalayjian tells us some factors to be aware of when trying to reconcile with a family member after years of family trauma.

PTSD Diagnosed More in Women

Dr. Ani Kalayjian spoke to HealthDay about the differences in trauma between men and women. Dr. Kalayjian states that rate of trauma in men and women is about the same but is expressed differently.

Feeling Stressed?

Dr. Ani Kalayjian describes on HealthDay on how important it is to your body to relieve everyday stress.

Good intentions are no longer enough. I wanted to support humanity in my own way. Meaningful World was a natural way for me to help the victims of tsunami.

So many systems have failed us and as we transition from failed models, attitudes and behaviors that are polarizing, destructive and failing all around us I could not just sit back, be overwhelmed and do nothing… I am doing something with Meaningful World.

Meaningful World cultivates well-being, relatedness, a deep awareness and understanding how to elevate some of the world's suffering. Our choices impact all living systems and I choose to be an agent of good.