Mental Health Outreach Project

The Mental Health Outreach Program (MHOP), organized by the Association for Trauma Outreach and Prevention (ATOP) which was formerly known as the Association for Disaster & Mass Trauma Studies, is a not-for-profit (501c3) organization, spearheaded by trauma expert Dr. Ani Kalayjian. The MHOP is a disaster relief project that has been recruiting teams of professional volunteers to go to various disaster stricken areas, who are then able to train local counselors.

The model of the MHOP has been utilized to aide earthquake survivors in Armenia, Turkey, Japan, the United States, and after Hurricane Andrew in Florida.  The program is revised and modified to be effective across cultures, gender and age. This collaborative project is supported by several organizations. including the American Psychological Associations’ International Division (Div. 52) and Fordham University Department of Psychology.   ATOP has been working for the past 16 years providing Mental Health Outreach to disaster stricken areas such as: Armenia (Post quake, 1988), Florida (Hurricane Andrew), California (Northridge quake, 1994), Kobe, Japan (Post quake, 1995), Turkey (Post quake, 1999), New York (post 9/11, 2001), and most recently post SE Asia tsunami in Sri Lanka.

The MHOP project is possible thanks to contrbutions from our donors:

Ara Boghosian
Joyce Naltchayan Boghosian
Dr. Juris G. Draguns
Claudette Fernando
Alicia Girgosian
Dr. Noyemi Isnar
Ray Paloutzian
Dr. Rolland Parker
Joyce Reily
Dr. Roger W. Smith
Caryle G. Wolahan

Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy

Good intentions are no longer enough. I wanted to support humanity in my own way. Meaningful World was a natural way for me to help the victims of tsunami.

So many systems have failed us and as we transition from failed models, attitudes and behaviors that are polarizing, destructive and failing all around us I could not just sit back, be overwhelmed and do nothing… I am doing something with Meaningful World.

Meaningful World cultivates well-being, relatedness, a deep awareness and understanding how to elevate some of the world's suffering. Our choices impact all living systems and I choose to be an agent of good.